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Incredo® Sugar is a sugar reduction solution that provides anywhere between 30%-50% reduction of sugar in food and snacks such as cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy and more, with no compromise to the taste or the level of sweetness. Sounds incredo-ble? We agree. What’s even more incredible is that we don’t use anything synthetic or artificial in the process that creates lingering sweetness or aftertaste, which is commonly associated with other sweeteners. Simply put, we use real cane sugar that is structured differently and delivered to the taste receptors more efficiently. Because of this structure, the Incredo® Sugar is dissolved faster in the saliva and creates a higher concentration of sugar around the sweet taste receptors. Our brain interprets this higher concentration as more sugar in the food, which results in a delicious sugary experience with substantially less sugar.

Our Sugar Value Proposition
Flavor Facilitation
Less Sugar
Better Nutrition
Clean Ingredients and Great Taste

Nutritional Opportunities

Incredo® Sugar opens a wide range of nutritional opportunities and delivers on a variety of consumer market trends

High in Protein
High in Fibers
Gluten Free
Vegan Friendly
Improved Nutrition
Same Indulgence with Less Sugar
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How We Know It Works

Let’s first look at what happens when we take a bite of a sweet treat made with traditional white sugar; the food matrix is broken, and some sugar is dissolved into our saliva. Some sugar diffuses from the saliva and through the mucus layer, finally reaching the sweet taste receptors on our tongue. Most of the sugar does not make it to the taste receptors, as it is being washed down to our digestive system. Incredo® Sugar crystals are structured differently and therefore dissolve faster in the saliva and create a higher concentration of sucrose around the sweet taste receptors. Our brain interprets this higher concentration as “more sugar” in the food. An enhanced perception of sweetness is achieved without any off tastes and lingering sweetness, commonly associated with other sweeteners.

Regular Sugar
Incredo Sugar
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