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Batory Ingredient SmartTalk

Ingredient solutions tailored for food & beverage categories

Join our experts for category-focused discussions around food & beverage for today’s consumer needs. Our panelists will cover consumer & market insights, reformulation tips, and innovative ingredient solutions for “better-for-you” applications. Whether it’s fortified, reduced, or clean label needs, you don’t want to miss this series!

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Episode 3 Confection

ON DEMAND — May 21, 2024

Episode 1: Confection

Episode 2 Bakery

July 25, 2024 @ 2pm CT

Episode 2: Bakery

Episode 1 Beverages

August 29, 2024 @ 2pm CT

Episode 3: Beverage

Episode 4 Dairy

October 17, 2024 @ 2pm CT

Episode 4: Dairy & Alt-Dairy

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Sweet! Your way.

Feel the power of choice.

Take a deep-dive into sugar reduction with our Sweetener Specialists®. Learn more about cutting-edge sweetener technologies, consumer demands, and tips to reduce sugar in your desired applications.

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Episode 1 Thumbnail

June 27, 2024 @ 2pm CT

Episode 1: Beverage

Episode 2 Thumbnail

September 19, 2024 @ 2pm CT

Episode 2: Confection

Episode 3 Thumbnail

To Be Announced

Episode 3: Safety of Sugar Reduction

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Check out our 2023 episodes now!

The Nutrition Revolution

Exploring ingredients that are redefining complete wellness

Learn more about innovative ingredients with our expert panelists from across the food & beverage industry. Discover solutions that fit your consumers’ needs to keep up with the complete wellness craze.

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Phospholipid & Dairy Protein Thumbnail

ON DEMAND – April 27, 2023

Episode 1: Broad
Spectrum Phospholipids
& Dairy Proteins

Batory Sweetener Solutions Thumbnail

ON DEMAND – June 6, 2023

Episode 2: Batory
Sweetener Solutions®

Plant Protein Ingredion Thumbnail

ON DEMAND – August 31, 2023

Episode 3: Plant Protein

CBD Thumbnail

ON DEMAND – October 3, 2023

Episode 4: CBD —
From Soil to Oil™