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The Power of Vinia®.

BioHarvest has developed a way to harness the power of nature to deliver many of the benefits of red wine in a new form — without the sugars, calories or alcohol. Throughout the ages, red wine has always been more than just a festive drink. As early as 2200 B.C., it was used by the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks as an early man-made medicine. In fact, Hippocrates — the Greek physician — considered drinking wine as part of a healthy diet.

VINIA® is based on the French Paradox where research demonstrated that despite a diet rich in lipids and fat, the French population had good heart-health. It was determined by scientists that this was derived from the daily moderate consumption (2-3 glasses) of Red Wine each day. The red wine containing piceid resveratrol and a matrix of key polyphenols was positively impacting the heart-health of French consumers. Through utilising VINIA®’s patented  BioFarming Technology,  cells are developed with a concentration of piceid resveratrol 100X that found in red grape skin and together with a matrix of polyphenols (catechin, coercetin, tannens and anthocyanins), VINIA® is able to deliver many wellness benefits.

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Vinia Antioxidant

Supports Healthy Arteries and
Fuels Antioxidant Activity

  • Piceid Resveratrol from Red Grape Skin
  • Supports Blood Pressure Already within Normal Range
  • Sustainable — one bioreactor utilized in the BioFarming manufacturing process produces the equivalent annually of 10,000 square meters of land
  • Improves Physical Energy and Mental Alertness via the delivery of increased blood flow and oxygen to the body’s tissues and organs
    • The solubility of VINIA® Piceid Trans-resveratrol (resveratrol connected to a glucose molecule) in water is 25.5-X higher compare to the solubility of Trans resveratrol (without glucose)[1] [2] [3]
Zero Sugar and Calories

All the goodness, none of the additives.

While a glass of Merlot or Pinot Noir can be good for you, to truly reap the benefits of red wine you would need to drink 2-3 glasses of Red Wine every day. With VINIA®, you can now consume many of the benefits red wine offers, without the sugar, calories or alcohol. VINIA® originates from the whole red grape, known for its polyphenols and antioxidant activity. One packet of VINIA® has a bouquet of polyphenols (20-40mg) which can boost your wellbeing.

Inspired by Vineyard, leveraging breakthrough BioFarming Technology for your Heart.

Daily Consumption of VINIA® has been scientifically proven to support blood circulation, elasticity of blood vessels, and blood pressure already within normal range, and to fuel antioxidant activity. Unlike other products that offer just one nutrient or polyphenol, VINIA® offers a bouquet of polyphenols (piceid resveratrol, condensed tannins, quercetin, catechin and anthocyanin) found in red grapes in their natural structure with synergistic benefits.

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